Avocat - Lawyer (Montréal, Canada)           Tel: (514) 582-0298 - Marius I. Maxim, B.A., LL.B.
Incorporation and organizational proceedings of a new legal person (in Quebec or at the federal level):
  • Preparation of the incorporating documents;
  • Possibility to use our schedules to the articles;
  • Blank share certificates bearing the name of the legal person;
  • Your choice of minute book;
  • Complete summary of the main information;
  • Personalized general by-laws;
  • Banking by-laws and resolutions;
  • Resolutions of organization;
  • Preparation of registers and certificates;
  • Declaration of registration or initial declaration; and
  • Letter providing the information related to the legal person.

               Phone: (514) 582-0298